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Dan Dvoracek

Feb 19, 2017

Unable to see issues

Same problem as described by other users. Feb 2017. Can't see issues once the extension is enabled.

Peter Zuspan

Jan 5, 2017

no issues

I too cannot see any issues when I enable bittask on my repository. Any progress on this?

Extguru 9

Aug 11, 2016

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Arania Jain

Aug 10, 2016

Problem with new Atlassian accounts

So the issue with issues not showing up for users after enabling Bittask is because of the new Atlassian account integration enabled by default on Bitbucket. All new Bitbucket accounts are actually Atlassian accounts. I have two Bitbucket accounts (one is the standard bitbucket account from 2010 and other one created in May 2016). Bittask works with my older account but not with the new account. I tried debugging the issue and it's actually due to way they have changed the auth process. New accounts can only login using the email address and not with the bitbucket handle (it's only for the repo URLs, not a username).

Hopefully this info will help you in fixing the issue and get Bittask working for everyone!

Peter Zuspan

Jul 17, 2016

no issues showing up

I installed bittask, but when I enable it all my issues disappear. I can add new lists and issues and they appear for a minute, but if I refresh, they disappear as well.

Luís Fernando Richter

May 27, 2016

Não funcionou

Não cria lista....

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