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Ростислав Щепаняк

Mar 23, 2024

Why blocked me?

Why does it block me after I try to log in to my wallet?

"Sorry, you have been blocked
You are unable to access"

Kristian C

Dec 28, 2023

Chrome extension not working

Hello. I have had Bitski wallet for almost a yr. Now all of a sudden, the extension does not connect. When i inspect, it says no account found. However, on the bitski website, i am connected and it all shows with my created nfts and crypto. I need this to connect to opensea and i cannot to sell art.

I have re-set, re-downloaded wallet and multiple wen browser.. all same issue.

Bif Magoo

Jun 22, 2023


I bought an American Family Field NFT a year or so ago. Where can I view it and hopefully sell it?

don freeman

Apr 18, 2023

Can I use Bitski in New York

want to send ETH for my gas money on Opensea

Google apps