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May 19, 2024

Editar mi avatar

Cómo puedo editar mi avatar para hacerle cambios?

Empty Home (Empty house)

May 10, 2024

betrayed by a impersonated twisted one, hope you aren't the one on the picture next to ...

I have reached out to the community and or whomever hears my shouting, cleared and confirmed it is that my information has been distributed, content, activity total access to photos files, in exchange of money, i am going through the worse phase of life

Catherine Violeta Lastra Santillan

Feb 22, 2024


my app has only Spanish, I want to have it in English,


Feb 6, 2024


How do I download/create an account Bitmoji to my desktop?

Richard Greenwell

Jan 8, 2024

Failed login

I can not seem to login even after changing my password.

Donna Jewell

Dec 30, 2023

My hairstyle was changed - NOT me!

My hairstyle was changed....and I do NOT like it - it is not me. At first I saw some of avatars were changed to this new one I did NOT select or create. Now none of MY original ones with hairstyle that matched me perfectly are gone? Why was this changed without my permission? I am disappointed to in not finding a few of ones I used frequently. I hope to be able to change it back - or I may just give up on this Bitmoji that was so enjoyable to use - hopefully not more unwanted changes come about without our imput. How do I change my hairstyle back?? I don't see that feature on my avatar or the app.

Jackie Snyder

Dec 27, 2023

Need a second account, Can't seem to make a second account.

I want to send my avatar from FB to a friend. Like a happy birthday wish. I received several but cannot seem to find them.

Racquel Manuel

Dec 14, 2023

My Avatar isn't me any longer??

Using my chrome extension, I opened it up for the day, as I have for the past four years, and my avatar isn't me! I've tried everything to fix it...reboot, disable, re-enable, etc., but still some avatar that isn't me. On my personal phone however, my avatar is the same.

Wanchai Piyata (P)

Nov 14, 2023



Axel Leos

Nov 9, 2023

Custom text on bitmoji?

I use bitmojis for engaging online instruction. I used to be able to customize text on bitmojis. Will this feature come back?

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