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Jan Warming

Mar 23, 2022

The plugin is broekn, it can not get the rates

After installing the plugin it will never get the rate data, right click can not convert, and the badge keeps having the text "Loading"

I really loved this plugin, so if you don't want to maintain it, i will be happy to take over.

Ravi Kumar Bomma

Aug 19, 2021

Please add support for INR as well

In Inida crypto trading has a rapid growth this year, please add support for INR as well. If you need I can help you with coding. Else i will come with my own extension.

ronald bohannon

Jan 26, 2021

Market Price Displaying

The chrome Extension is not showing the correct market price for Cryptos.

Jan Warming

Jan 19, 2021

USD rate incorrect

From around 2021-01-19 (today) the BTC/USD rate is not correct anymore. I'm pretty sure it worked yesterday.

Shady Sherif

Aug 4, 2019

google search results page is broken because of your plugin

First of all I would like to thank you for the great plugin.

I don't know exactly what happened with your plugin. I used to use it for around a year. But, during the last month your plugin is braking the google search results page by hiding the search bar.

I thought it is google's search issue. By I went through all my plugins one by one until I found your plugin is the root cause of the issue.

Please try to solve it ASAP.

Jacky Teerapat

Oct 2, 2018

Plz add THB currecy

Plz add THB currecy

Thomas H

Jul 28, 2018

Says BTC ($NaN)

Hey guys, great Chrome extension idea - I just seem to keep getting ($NaN) when I right click a highlighted amount of BTC. Would absolutely love for this to work. Any suggestions? I've tried all combinations of features being turned off/on in the setting and it always shows the same thing. Tried it on my Mac too but BTC is just greyed out so it's not working on there either. Thanks in advance for any help!

Михаил Дмитриев

May 17, 2018


Wrong lux coin conversion rate. It's $8 not a $0.00003 right now...

Robert Uy

Apr 20, 2018

dont function

it wont function

Tony Batal

Apr 16, 2018

Question about Bitcoin pricing display

Hello, I have a question before using your extension: on one of the crypto exchanges I'm using, they list Bitcoin price values as in "bitcoin price to 1 Canadian dollar". In ex. "0.00009949". And I have everytime to calculate manually (1/0.00009949) to get the pricing of 1 bitcoin. Can I have this done with your extension, as when I hover on "0.00009949", get "10,051.26" instead, which is the price of 1 bitcoin?

Thank you!

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