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Tom DS

May 28, 2020

Bitbucket changes

Hi, thanks so much for this extension I love it!

With the new view that's coming in Bitbucket will you be updating this to work in the new view?

At present I can still switch to the old view but that option doesn't tend to stay around for long with Atlassian.



Aug 26, 2018

files with merge conflicts not highlighted

BB puts a yellow warning sign on files with merge conflicts. There is no easy way when using this diff display tool to see which files have merge conflicts.


Aug 16, 2018

proper character formating

my filenames with a + character are not renders properly.

Adam W

Jul 27, 2018

Large PR will not display correctly

Usually when switch between file will get something like

Oops! You've got a lot of code in this diff and it couldn't load with the page. Click here to give it another chance.

and the same message will just stacking up if I click on it to open the content.

Anyway to fix this?

Jordi Bisbal Llongueras

Nov 12, 2017

be able to make the tree panel wider

Would be nice to be able to make the tree panel wider (esp. when working with ultrawide screens).

Patrick Savelberg

Aug 14, 2017

Plugin access permissions

Why does the plugin need access to my browserhistory?

Marek Kwiatkowski

Dec 20, 2016

Diff tree panel scrollbar

Currently, at least for me on Chrome, the scrollbar on tree panel is hovered by the right panel and it is somewhat problematic to grab the scrollbar thumb.
Adding position: relative; and some positive z-index fixes the issue. Consider fixing it in the plugin :)

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 8, 2016


Any chance this can be easily made to work with Stash?

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