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Ildikó Szerencsés

Jul 27, 2023

Miért nem működik? Miért zavaros a működése?

Csinálják meg!
Úgy kellene, hogy előre 1-2 hónappal kiválasztom a személyeket és elküldi az üdvözletet az alkalmazás. Sajnos nem működik megfelelően.


Jun 4, 2023

The landing page isn't correct

It opens Events page and not The birthday one

Björn Karlsson

Jan 15, 2023

Dont working anymore

It opens events now but not birtdays as before?

Wade Crowe

Jan 4, 2023


You get it workin yet ???

Wade Crowe

Jan 4, 2023


You get it workin yet ???

Wade Crowe

Jan 4, 2023


You get it workin yet ???

Ryan Stegeman

Oct 11, 2022

Not Working as Intended

Opted to have the open daily as I've found this to be the easiest way to remember to wish my Facebook friends a happy birthday.

I have one custom message that I set up. I'd like to have that autopopulated message automatically written when I click my cursor on the "Write on timeline..." text input. Currently this is not working.

Wade Crowe

Sep 30, 2022

Birthday Manager v 3.0.1

Not working as before?, Now I must do everything Manuel, by hand. Practically doing the same old thing!!!

Riccardo Cantelmi

Feb 27, 2022


pensate di continuarla a sviluppare?


Sep 13, 2021

Birthday Wish App

I've noticed that if you click to start a message to friend in the Messenger web app, it posts the birthday greeting there, then says renderer error, I know it;s never done that before since I'vr installed months ago. 9-13-2021

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