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Matias Flores

May 21, 2024



Sanji one piece

May 11, 2024

Pls robux

Thank you have robux have mrpls I'm ok defense and you know that was r

Atha Dzakwan

Mar 1, 2024



beqa kekelidze

Feb 26, 2024



lucas salinas

Dec 27, 2023


is real

parent is better

Oct 29, 2023

Have a suggestion

You should make it show the amount you set when purchasing items as well, like "After this transaction you will have $$$" if yk what i mean. It would be a fake price ofc i think it would be cool!

Malwina Krzykos

Oct 15, 2023

Malwinka robloksiara

ja ubielbiam robloxa jestem dumna!

Kylie Crosswell

Oct 12, 2023


Ri brid

John Mack

Oct 11, 2023

Don’t sell your extension!

I’m sending you this message as a warning about someone who might try to buy your Chrome extension very soon. Do not sell them the rights to your extension! I know your Chrome ratings are already bombarded with misinformation about the extension containing malware, but if you accept the offer from Bloxtensions, an update to your extension will be pushed to anyone with it installed, which will contain actual malware.

A small group of other extension creators that I’m a part of have done an investigation around Bloxtensions, and an extension they took over called BetterBlox, and have found extensive amounts of obfuscated malicious code designed to take over Roblox accounts, trade all their items away from them, and take a lot of their Robux, not to mention many other things. Dont accept the offer from Bloxtensions/BloxUnits if you don’t want your name plastered on an extension much more malicious than it currently ends up being.

Maricel Jimenez

Oct 8, 2023


wow amazing

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