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Averi Williams

Oct 8, 2023

modifier key to allow dragging for saving the image?

eyo, love the app it does everything i wanted it to, but i cant hold ctrl and drag the image out of the browser and into a folder waiting just outside the browser window. can you add the ability to do that with a modifier key? thank you!

Alexander Van Halen

Sep 15, 2022

Work with images from PC

Hi, I see that the extension works great for photos/images that are viewed from the browser online, but is there anyway this could support files/images from the user's PC?

If I view a photo with this, and then download that image. And then later want to view it with the extension again, if I view the image in Chrome, the extension doesn't work with it.

Any chance on this?

Extensions great otherwise,
Thank you!!

مياه نوف

Nov 22, 2021


i had aproplem with working with your extention
please give me a ideo of hoe to use it

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