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david williams

May 17, 2024

Site access update

Can you add to the site access list? As is now permanently, Better Twitter does not work now.


Sep 13, 2023

I can see my followers number but not following

Did twitter do something?

Bruno 'Goma' (Goma)

Aug 30, 2023

Please give us the option to hide the "For You" tab.

It degrades the user experience as a whole, as all it does is throw rage-inducing content at you to fish for engagement.

Alexander H.

May 4, 2023

Hide long tweets

Add an option to hide the tweets that are longer than specified number of characters.

I find myself starting to read and still no point after the set length of post, so I abandon in the middle. I would like to not start reading such posts from the beginning.

Optional: show GPT summary of long posts instead of the posts.

Kevin Weiner

Jan 14, 2023

Have an option to default to the "Following" tab.

Have an option to default to the "Following" tab.

meow lin

Jan 14, 2023

Available on other browsers?

Hi! Would you consider making this extension available on Opera GX?


Dec 27, 2022

Update to hide views

Please Update to hide views

Kevin Weiner

Dec 22, 2022

Hide Twitter view count

Can you update the No Vanity option to hide view counts that Twitter just rolled out?

Jigs 99

Oct 3, 2022

Promoted Ad in Trending Section.

Hi, Please remove the Promoted ad showing in Trending Section


Jul 20, 2022

Add Media button not working

Can you please check if Better Twitter is affecting the Add Media button (to tweets)? Not working on any of my accounts. Looks clickable, but nothing happens. Been going on a few days--and also works normally in Firefox.

Thank you.

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