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Sep 4, 2023

Buy chaos price for Divine


Price stuckable items 45chaos for 1
i buy 31 items and see only price 1395chaos

Need convert to Divine(1=230c) and see 1395c = 6d + 15c

David Smith

Apr 9, 2023

Port for console users

I don't know if it's possible but on xbox we have the 'Bing' browser. Is it possible to get a browser extension for your addon ?

Dion Alde

Jan 28, 2023


Suggestion to better highlight "Mirrored" items. For example, have the "Mirrored" line highlighted, or the background of the item distinguishable from other items. It would be nice to quickly identify mirrored items, sometimes I miss it and I've had many people whisper me then cancel trade because they didn't see the mirror tag.
Could be a nice QoL. Thank you.

Martinos Evripidou

Jan 20, 2023

Allow Group folders for folders

Please add a feature to allow grouping of folders. For example:
Builds/Flip/buy and each category will have their own folders in there

Beep Boop

Dec 28, 2022

An option to sort by seller

Please add an option, if possible, to sort items by seller.
I often buy bases to craft, and looking for people that have multiple is just such a chore. Would be wonderful if you could just have an extension to show you people with multiples of the item you're searching for.

Asac Schrader

Sep 12, 2022

"Load More" broken

The "Load More" button on result pages frequently glitch out. Doesn't happen when plugin is disabled.

Too Long Didn't Watch

Aug 26, 2022


Been asked as few times but what has happened to the pin functionality?

Samuel Warnock

Aug 22, 2022

Currency equiv

Update the currency convert from Exalted to Divine orbs

Fahid Khatib

Aug 3, 2022

Hidden "Whisper" Button for items

Hidden "Whisper" Button for items.
I use the Compact Two-Column view on trade site and that hides the whisper button, so I cannot pm the seller. I prefer using that view. I tried zooming in/out, nothing changes.

Is there a fix?

Adam Hegge

Jul 22, 2022

Click the button for it only takes me to the web store

Click the button for it only takes me to the web store page.

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