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Richard Laurits

Aug 18, 2023

How do I cancel my subscription?

I engaged in a free trial with my business browser and I need to cancel because I cannot use it for my employer.

How do I cancel the subscription?

Aram Alaverdyan

Aug 5, 2022

Previous seasons data & player details

Could you please fix
1. Previous seasons data as the columns do not have spaces and all of the numbers are congested
2. Clicking the quick add to watchlist or "i" next to the player details opens the large dialog at once, I cannot captain/vice captain them anymore, as it is without this extension. Is it possible to fix it?

Fabio Marini

Feb 18, 2022


The fixture bar under the player is not showing double gameweeks anymore. I'm pretty sure it used to?

Patrik Černý

Feb 6, 2022

Missing features

Hey, have had the extension for a month or two and only thing working is next 5 fixtures difficulty. In the extension options, i cant chose from any of them, including Fixture difficulty lists, Player form, Expected points and so on. Im not able to turn them on, even thought I have the extension bought and had it the whole time. At the start I thought its a bug but clearly its not, my chrome is updated and I have the extension on, just that the only thing working this whole time has been next 5 fixtures diff in the Points tab..


Sep 24, 2021

Eye Icon.

What is the eye icon under the player information sign for?

Luke McConnell

Sep 14, 2021

Max Cost Button

Hi, the "max cost" button underneath money remaining has disappeared is there a way of getting it back?


Aug 14, 2021

Cannot Create Account

Clicking on create account launches a localhost page which is not reachable.

Jonny Corry

Aug 1, 2021

My dissapointments with the new update.

Ive had Better FPL for about a year now and its always been very usefull. However, im extremely disliking the new version as of July 31st 2021. The problems I have with the version are that I know have to always have every element of the extion active. Before there was a Better FPL icon in the bottom left of my screen that you click on to active/disactive different parts of the extension. E.g. I would turn off 'projected points' becaause it was an element of the extension that I didnt pay attention to. Now with the new update this element is always set to active, as with every other element of the extension. Also, some one of the most useful parts of Better FPL for the current pre-season has been removed. The detailed points of past seasons for players where I can go back and it would show the exact week by week points for select players, instead of just being able to see their season totals.
I'm honestly not sure if I will continue to use Better FPL if these changes become permanent. Please could the deveopers at least keep the ability for uses to select which elements of the extension we want to use, as it has been very helpful. I'm honestly not sure the reasoning behind any of these new changes, as it only feels like a complete step backwards to remove important features of the extesion.

Rock Sfeir

Mar 18, 2021

Safari Support

Hey there - congrats on creating an awesome extension .. can't live without it : )

I was wondering if you had any plans to covert it into a Safari extension? There are relatively easy ways to do this these days.

Could be a good way to increase the reach : )

Muaz Faizal

Jan 2, 2021

Request failed with status code 500

The players info button on the History tab shows "Request failed with status code 500"

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