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Jordan E

Jun 30, 2020

Add bookmark move last folder to top of list

I'm using this on Brave browser built on chrome. I used chrome for years and I believe this used to be stock default. Is there a way to do this that I'm missing?

Walkth Ispath

Nov 8, 2019

CTRL+B - Any Way to Select Alternative

L O V E LOVE this extension!!

But, after using it for SO LONG at work, I finally had to uninstall it. I use Gmail for most business correspondence. And, in Gmail, CTRL+B is for bold text.

The extension takes this over.

Please, P L E A S E!!! set a way for us to make another Keyboard Shortcut. ctrl+shif+b? Anything...



NW Social

Feb 22, 2019

Sort order changed

I have two identical installations of this. For years frequently used folders have been at the top. Now, on one of my browsers the sort order has changed.

Haolun Tan

Nov 8, 2017

Do not work on latest Chromium

An error has occurred
Could not install package: 'UTILITY_PROCESS_CRASHED_WHILE_TRYING_TO_INSTALL'. Could not install package because a utility process crashed. Try restarting Chrome and trying again.

Version 61.0.3163.100 (Developer Build) (64-bit)

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 21, 2016

show parent folder name

i have a folder called "todo" and a subfolder in it called "windows" and another called "android". but i also have folders with those same names elsewhere so you cant tell if its going into the correct folder or not. if the parent folder name could be show in smaller grey text underneath or beside it would help

mass effect gamer

Mar 12, 2014

button inside the address bar

yup that's it if comes inside the address bar or totally replaces the chrome bookmark button it would be cool

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