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Li Flor

Jul 14, 2022

Unable to download Bestlaw site

I am able to add the extension but it does not go any further.

Clint Saunders

Jun 11, 2022

not loading

I click the Bestlaw link in the tool bar and it only goes to the google chrome tool area. it does not open Bestlaw to use it

ณัฐพล สิทธิเถกิงเกียรติ

Dec 5, 2018

Instruction for use extension

Web data not available

Patricia VanAlstyne /Murphy

May 15, 2018

form for buying mobile home

I need a form to make a purchase of a mobile home?

Adrian Butler

Jul 6, 2017

Password Recovery

I forgot the password associated with my account. what is the process for resetting the password?

Alexandra H. Klestadt

Apr 5, 2016

need to cancel

i want to end my subscription to bestlaw and it wont let me.

Juliana M-T

Nov 28, 2015

Browser refreshing

I added the Bestlaw extension, but now when I am reading a case in Westlaw, the browser keeps refreshing every 4 minutes or so and moves me to the top of the screen, so I lose my place. Is this fixable? Thanks.


Sep 4, 2015

can not find Bestlaw

can not find Bestlaw

Marcie Winemiller

Feb 15, 2015

Can't find the Bestlaw app on google chrome

I have downloaded the Bestlaw app on google chrome, where it says that it was added to google chrome. IT doesn't pop up in the bar at the top. I have looked at the google homepage and still can not find this app.

JERRI, JD. Pvt Airport Driver SOS Transport, Inc.

Dec 26, 2014

cannot access program services

I cannot get this program to work on my computer after adding it to google chrome... please assist. Merry Christmas and thanks, Jerri

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