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Möre Dodel

Jun 5, 2024

Dings every 30 minutes, even though uninstallung

PLEASE HELP !!!!p 🙏(can't be on a zoom call or watch a movie, without the bells constantly interrupting 😢😭😢)

Andrew Hughes

Jun 13, 2023

Can't access the extension or settings for it

I installed it on my mac, and it started the bell or gong and then i couldn't figure out how to access the settings shown. I looked for the prayer hands but found nothing to set up the frequency or to turn in on/off.

E.G. Sebastian

Jan 3, 2023

Dings every 15 minutes, even though I uninstalled the extension

Yesterday after I turned off the Mindfulness Bell extension, it kept dinging every 15 minutes, so I thought I'll delete it and re-install it; however, even after I uninstalled it (on all computers), it keeps on dinging. Please help 🙏(can't be on a zoom call or watch a movie, without the bells constantly interrupting 😢😭😢)

Randy Cathcart

Aug 1, 2022

extension works, but the Chrome notification is trouble

Hi there, every time my Bell of Mindfulness goes off, my Chrome gives a notification sound and popup. I can't find how to disable this for an extension. Do you know? Thanks.


Jan 16, 2021

Could you upload this extension to Firefox?

This is the best meditation bell extension I've used. Thank you for making it~

I've switched to Firefox Nightly and would like to continue using it. I believe it will work with minor changes :)

If not, could I use your bells for an extension? It would be nice for there to be a high quality meditation bell extension for Firefox.

Andy Lipkis

Sep 16, 2020

How do I turn off the bell and remove it?

The chime is ringing every 15 minutes and I can't turn it off. Please let me know how.

Thank you

Sid Desai

Feb 3, 2020

Interest in collaboration

Hello Sam,

I am looking to connect with you to learn a bit more about your goals with this chrome app. I think it has quite a use for us distracted individuals in society. Are you planning on further developing this app or is your goal to just have it the way it is? Let me know if you have a few mins to chat about it - Sid

Glynnis Gangwer

Jan 30, 2019

How to use?

Are we suppose to coordinate our breath with the 3 gong sounds? Please describe how you suggest we use this extension. Thanks!


Nov 23, 2018

My bell won't turn off

It's driving me up the wall. Please... I uninstalled Chrome on my computer and while using Safari, the bell is ringing regularly. I've had enough. Please tell me how to remove it!
Thanks, Kristina

Bill Eisele

Aug 17, 2018

need to remove

I have no icon. cant find it on my hard drve. please tell me how to remove it asap!
thank you

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