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Feb 19, 2024

works but doesn't work

works great removing overlays, but sometimes it removes too much (can't remember an example). and on, it'll remove the overlay, but then it pops back up (as seen at

Jonas Hoffmann

Oct 6, 2022

keyboard shortcut

Can it be that the extension has the keyboard shortcut cmd+shift+x hardcoded? I need this shortcut to strike through text in google docs and couldn't find any settings for the extension.

Cryssy Bee

Aug 27, 2022

No longer works with Instagram

I hate having to log in to Instagram, especially to view things that might mess up my account algorithm. I used to be able to use this extension to remove the login overlay on instagram but it's not working any longer.

Sujal Sinha

Jul 18, 2022


Hi there,
The extension "Behind the Overlay" is very useful extension for me. Although, I would like to suggest something about its icon. It's very squary and doesn't look that professional. People when see this extension on my browser, their first impression is that it's related to something dirty (If you know what I mean). So, I would be glad if you re-design the icon of the extension.
Again, it's up to you, and I'll always use it because of its usefulness.

Delicious DeBlair

Feb 23, 2022

Accidental removal

The program removed a normal [critical] element of a website and now it will not show.

Do I need to remove and reinstall?

Ramon Terroba

Jul 19, 2021

partial overlay


I am really a stanger to the terminology, so excuse me if the term is incorrect.

I was wondering if this extension should not also work for sites with partial overlay, sticky banner that promps subscription paywalls. ie any article in )just load any article and scroll down until its prompted.

Right now I have to inspect the banner thingy and in the console find the box and delete manually plus enable overflow manually.

It would be great if this could remove these annoying content blocker stuff.

Anyhow it works great on full overlays, Awesome and thanks a lot.


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