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Joel Thomas

Jun 28, 2023

Duplicated and misaligned checkboxes

For the past few months (perhaps since the last v3.1.3 update in April?) I've noticed that the checkboxes on various sites I visit are "shadowed" or "mirrored" by a duplicate, more rudimentary looking checkbox. Like, one may look sleek with it's original CSS stylings, and then a secondary basic HTML checkbox is also present -- usually a few pixels below and skewed to the right, as if it doesn't propagate at the center but at some corner 0 by 0 XY coordinate to the original checkbox... or something? It's honestly hard to describe in words since it's such a visual glitch.

Nevertheless, I finally tracked down the culprit of this buggy behavior today -- and unfortunately it's the Beeline Reader extension. As soon as it's disabled, my checklists in Notion and Habitica, the single-checkboxes on login pages that ask me to "Remember my choice" or "Stay logged in on this browser" etc etc all revert to their normal UI. And if I enable Beeline Reader again, "twinning bugbox" behavior rears it's head again as soon as those pages are refreshed.

This problem is particularly egregious on certain spreadsheets databases or CAPTCHA challenge pages I've visited, wherein the accompanying text next to the box get's the "basic HTML, sans-CSS" treatment to it's font making everything tiny and misaligned. And in certain cases when scrolling on some of those pages (i.e. on some of those websites with BOTH the dual checkbox + accompanying text style "reduction" bug takes place) dual checkboxes don't always stay in-sync with each other when a particular column, embed, or the whole page is scrolled, making it exceedingly difficult to discern which box corresponds to which (squash-texted / tiny-fonted) option.

TL;DR BeeLine Reader works wonders on article pages, manuals, how-to guides, discussion forums, etc etc, any of the usual places I peruse that house long-form content which it quite often successfully parses and colorizes. Like, a good 99.9% of the time I'd say. However... I don't just read on my browser. And in those situations where I need to quickly tick something off, I find this bug rearing it's head nowadays. It's been driving me up the wall for the past month and change trying to narrow down what was the root cause. And now that I have, I'm reporting the issue here and promptly disabling (though not uninstalling) the extension for the time being.

Maybe I'll add a weekly recurring TODO list item to check back on the Chrome WebStore for subsequent bugfix updates. Now that I can see those beautiful CSS boxes unimpeded by HTML clones, I'll be sure to give it a nice and satisfying tick every week or so, right up until Beeline gets updated and I confirm that the new version works without conflict on those webpages elements -- at which point I'll happily re-enable Beeline and archive that checkbox ✅
☑️ cHeCkB0x

👆🏽 See what I did there? 😏 This is the sort of passive-aggressive first-world-anarchy OCD-nonsense I've been having to deal with for the past month and change 😂😅😭

Rachel Frankland

May 10, 2023


I'm trying to unsubscribe from beeline pdf as it is a service I no longer need. The contact form on the does not appear to be working and I cannot find a place to unsubscribe in the app, emails or on your website. How do I best go about cancelling my subscription?

Matthew Denipitiya

Jan 20, 2023

Infinite loading when extension is opened

I've used this in the past just fine, but all that happens when I click on the logo in my extensions list is an infinite loading animation.

Maru Mountain

Dec 19, 2022


I have attempted to go through your official site several times without any response and would appreciate some sort of response. I am currently no longer using this product and do not wish to be billed when it is not in use. I really would like some sort of response to at least make sure my messages are getting through.

Alexander Hurd

Sep 27, 2022

Wrongful Charge

I uninstalled the app last week, but I now see in my bank account a pending charge from this company for $22.00. I can't even manage my subscription in the extension settings and there's no customer service line to call. This app is a scam and they will wrongfully charge you and then there's no way to contest it besides emailing them. Do not install.


Apr 10, 2021

I had unsubscribed long ago. Still I was charged. Refund my money,.

This is insane. I don't even use chrome & had unsubscribed almost right after a month. I year later I see you are changing me.. Refund ASAP.


Apr 3, 2021

Pdf extension for chrome only colors the first page

Pdf extension for chrome only colors the first page of the pdf document. How do I solve this? Thanks!


Mar 29, 2020

not working

I have allowed access to file URLs in the settings, but the pdfs do not load. Instead an error saying: "PDF.js v1.1.678 (build: 63b9112d)
Message: Unexpected server response (0) while retrieving PDF " appears. Can you fix this?


Mar 19, 2020

How do i get rid of this

I thought this would be useful for students so i installed but now ive deleted the extension and its still turning my text colours. how do i get rid of it???

Craig Mares

Jul 19, 2019

99 cent discount was charged as 22.00

The plugin offered a .99 cent discount and charged me 22.00, I have submitted several inquiries through the website contact info page and have heard nothing back. I need to be refunded the 21$ and charged only the 99 cents that was in the sale price. Thank you, Craig Mares

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