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Thomas Linney

Apr 10, 2024

Beautiful landscape

I have always loved this particular theme, may I ask where you got the images from in all parts of its creation please as I wish to learn more about this since I took retirement.

Looking forward to your reply if you can help Thank you

Janet Vandenabeele

Nov 29, 2023

Theme not loading, still installed

I had some sort of glitch with synching accounts and when I signed into my PC on my main account, the Beautiful Landscape theme doesn't load. But sometimes it does. I can uninstall and reinstall but when I sign out and sign back in again, it will probably have disappeared.

Rene van der Merwe

Mar 1, 2023

Background picture not uploading

The theme uploads but the desktop picture does not. How do I get the full theme?

Cyraphic Boxbraids

Jul 11, 2021

your website

Ever since Google Inc. updated their chrome this year, I have been having trouble down loading your themes directly from your website; I hive tried to add the "Hatsune Miku With Umbrella" theme but it scents me to mediafire to save it and when I click it, it doesn't transition to a theme. Are you going to upload it here or check with to see what is up?

Brandy Tucker

Sep 15, 2020

Blocked landscape

For some reason my landscape is loaded, I know cuz the top is still green, but the rest of the page is all white, and all the new tabs are the same way. I have checked the settings and nothing that I can tell has changed. This is still my theme. Ugh....what do I do?

Tian Even

Dec 15, 2019

It will zoom in

I could not see the whole picture

Alexandria Nielsen

Oct 1, 2019

Take off

I don't know how to take off the wallpaper, even though I love it!


Jun 30, 2019

Background Image

Can we get the Wallpaper version of this beautiful image? I'd like to have it for my desktop wallpaper as well. thank you so much for sharing.

John “Johnny” Ream

May 26, 2019

Need to change Bookmark bar text color from black to white or yellow

I love your Beautiful Landscape theme but the text color for the text labels on the Bookmarks Bar is black against a dark green background and I have difficulty reading it, so I often have to disable your theme. Can you please provide an option to change the color to white or yellow for better contrast and easier reading? Also, is there a way to get thumbnails of recent sites to show under the search box? Thank you.

Mr.Tutorial GG

Oct 25, 2018

Произошла ошибка

я хотел загрузить несколько тем но мне пишет: Во время загрузки произошла ошибка. Свяжитесь с разработчиком или повторите попытку позже. я нажимаю подробнее и мне пишет:Invalid manifest

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