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Nate Bercsenyi

Mar 9, 2023

Level 10?

How do you beat level 10? I have been stuck on it for a while now and I still do not know how to do it. Anything will help but please let me know if you have a solution

Flame Game

Jun 4, 2021


how do you do level 10??? very confusing

Flame Game

Jun 3, 2021


there should be a way to transport light. an idea is a receiver and a projector.
they will have little colored dots on them showing which goes to which, and light will go in the receiver and out the projector.

Flame Game

Apr 8, 2021


i think there should be an inverter.

red > cyan
yellow > blue
green > pink
cyan > red
blue > yellow
pink > green
white > nothing
a 2-way tube that looks like the color shifter but twisted and on the twisted side it's inverted

Kevin Is Nice

Jan 11, 2021


how do level 6?


Sep 26, 2020

level 10

i cant solve level 10 can u give the solution

Ottawa990 w

Jun 19, 2019

Clear All

Can you add a "clear all" button so i don't have to exit the editor to clear?

tracy smith

May 28, 2019

Hints for difficult levels

How about a hint button. Not providing part of the answer, but true hints that make a stuck user think in a different way in order to figure out the solution. I think hints such as "Remember "X" directs the beam at a "X" angle", or "Not all levels require use of every available piece" , or "Try placing one of your pieces in grid "X,X".


Apr 16, 2019

New Colors

Im Suggesting the ability to make orange. It would be the First Color to require 3 beams.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 22, 2019

Add diode

You know how diodes are with electricity? Well, I think it would be fun to add a light diode, or something of the sort.

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