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Ivana Vin

Oct 24, 2018

Unable to connect to device with value[object Object]

Every time I try to open a new connection I get the same message: "Unable to connect to device with value[object Object]"
Seen on two Ubuntu machines, one 16.04, the other 18.04. Not sure what to try.

Servando Garcia

Sep 24, 2018

Stopped working

First let me state, I love your app. It used to work flawlessly. Right up until I changed to Samsung Chromebook plus. Any suggestions?

Kevin Jeffrey

Jul 30, 2018


I am looking to connect to my cars infotament system. I purchased a USB to TTL connector, CP2102. Is this compatible?? I am new to all of this stuff. Thanks.

Lukas Muzika

Jun 28, 2018

Beagle needs to be shut down and restarted

Beagle needs to be shut down and restarted every time I switch from machine to machine. If this cant be automated can a button be added to restart it?

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 2, 2018

Can't see what you type?

I get output from the device, but I can't see what I type? Tried changing flow control, nothing seemed to make any difference...

Frankie Fury

Oct 3, 2017

Text Capture

love this app and I'm not aware that there is a text capture to output to a file.

WOuld be useful for diagnostics and capturing configurations. I'm a Cisco/Juniper user & using a Chromebook is too damn handy!

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