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Ville Lamminen

Jul 15, 2024

F5 - F8 keys does not work

Pressing F5 - F8 keys does not read my cards. Ctrl+f5 - Ctrl+F8 read dummy's cards normally.

David Oakley

Feb 14, 2024

Board and Hand Settings stopped working

Around Feb 12 2024, the Board and Hand Settings stopped working. I tried a reinstall but no joy. There was a windows update, this week but the B&H stopped prior to that

James Nelson-Parker

Sep 2, 2023

Speed of Speech

1. Is there any way I can slow down the narrator when he reads out the cards held in hand / dummy? Even I. a native English speaker, find it a bit fast. Our blind friend who is French, obviously finds it way too fast!
2. My research indicates that this extension only works on Windows running English (not Windows running French). Let me know if I am wrong. This is no big deal - when I moved to France I had to learn to play in 'French'!
Thanks for all you hard work on this extension.

Dominique Custers

May 30, 2023

sound "no default action" and beeping

I have just one audio alert on, namely "High Card Points"

#1: Yet every time I hit enter for a chat or something else the sound "no default action" comes out of my speaker.

#2: When I do copy from keyboard "Ctrl-C" an annoying beep comes from the speaker.

Dominique / bbo user dbx

Ville Lamminen

Feb 12, 2023

Dummy's cards is revealed before the opening lead

Suppose my team have lost the bidding. If I press for example CTRL+F5 I can hear dummys's spades before I have made my opening lead. I think this should not be possible...

David Oakley

Oct 18, 2021

Voice recognition

If I record using the Mic icon, my comment is preceded by the text 'Could not find button'
so 'testing 123' becomes: 'Could not find button testing 1 2 3'

David Oakley

Oct 4, 2021

Settings not retained

Recently, settings no longer stick after Chrome is shut-down. Typically, I turn off Narrator and Bidding and Play settings. But after computer reboot they appear again along with the desired Board and Hand settings.

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