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Paul Ingoe

Feb 11, 2022

BBO Extractor

I have downloaded BBO Extractor from the chrome web store to Edge. The white BBX box is visible in the tool bar but on pressing it nothing happens. Any suggestions as to what's wrong?

Clarence Durand

Nov 14, 2021

BBX not working

BBX does not appear to be working. It starts normally but continues to be running for excessive amount of time (20 minutes or more on a 6 table event).with no results.
Clarence Durand
Club Manager
Hot Springs Duplicate Bridge Club
(870) 403-2080

Cathryn Collins

Oct 11, 2021

empty unnamed csv file

Using the extractor today I only get an unnamed empty csv file and no pbn file.
Is this a BBO problem? Have they changed their access?

Brian Duncan

Jun 15, 2021

Converting BBO scores into BridgeWebs

I notice that there can be small differences between the scores on BBO and when they are converted in BridgeWebs. Normally this doesn't matter but recently it had the effect of reversing first and second places in the weekly event. Have you come across this before and is there any way of avoiding the differences?

I should add that it is a great facility to have.

Brian Duncan
Belfield Bridge Club , Dublin

June Williams

Oct 22, 2020

I Can't see the BBX Icon

When I go into the Tournament I can't see a BBX icon, i try clicking on results and still can't see it. What am I doing wrong please?

Steve Braithwaite

Sep 19, 2020

BBO Extractor

I have downloaded the BBO extractor app in Google Chrome, but nothing happens when I click on the green icon.
What should happen?

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 26, 2020


HI, I have uploaded the BBO extractor. When I click the link to BBO tournament results I get the first page as shown in your series of screen shots ( results psge). No trigger appears to start BBX as shown in your second screen shot.

Tom Deneau

Aug 8, 2020

Can board completion time be added to the csv line?

Would be interested in seeing the board completion time in the csv line. (Since it is in the raw pages on BBO). I would use it for calculating how long pairs spent on various hands.

Chris Raisin

Jul 27, 2020


I am working on a similar project for Stepbridge and have succeeded using VB.Net. In the throws of moving from desktop app to extension for Chrome Browsers.
I am just interested in what language you used for your extension (I assume something higher level such as C#).

Peter Taylor

Jul 27, 2020

BBO Extractor

Hi John
We are new to BBO and want to put the results of our Club nights on our website which runs under BridgeWebs.I have some instructions on the process but failed at the first hurdle in that I was unable to add the BBX Extractor Chrome Extension. I opened the Sandbox in Security and Privacy centre and disabled my firewall temporarily to no effect. The download fails immediately. My PC is running Windows 10 and is up to date and appears to be functioning normally in all other respects. Any suggestions?
Many thanks
Pete Taylor.

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