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Rogelio Macias

Oct 13, 2023

you / me / The 1st ones. Out of this younavers

lose time of life.

Kenner Moya

Mar 17, 2022

its unplayable brah

so bassicly this happens when im forced to make my name and profile in toturial and it keeps doing the same thing which iiis Error report issue to developer and reload and i do it again and again and again and again and again and nothing happens i even tried it on 3 browsers

Kendylle White

Nov 1, 2021

Lost progress

Hello, on Halloween I lost all of my ships. Before, I had the See Slug, but now I only have the Battle Attacker. I have also lost my stats and points, although I do have my medals. I have previously emailed and posted on Reddit and Discord.

Giang Minh

Oct 12, 2021

nó rất khó

bạn ơi sao tôi ko được vật xịn thế?


Sep 24, 2021

the game is not opening since the latest update

please look towards the problem plz cant wait to play again


Sep 23, 2021

I can't open the game

When I press the icon or i do a new tab, it's in blank, nothing happens.

Vato, El

Sep 22, 2021

Not opening

Hi, every time I try to open it, it doesn't load. I have an adblocker, but it is already disabled. What's going on?

apple tolentino (apple)

Aug 6, 2021


i cant download

Coding 1234

Aug 3, 2021

quitting battle?

hi sorry i already posted this in the reviews box but i didnt realise there was this box

hi, i've just downloaded this extension and i love it!
I have a question though:
when you are in a battle, is there an option to quit the game? (apart from surrender)


Jun 3, 2021


terjadi beberapa bug dan error yang tidak terduga disaat memainkan game ini. saya pikir perlu ditingkatkan ladi untuk perihal level landing crashnya agar tidak terjadi hal yang serupa seperti ini dikemudian hari.

Terima kasih,

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