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Xtreem Master-Mind

Oct 19, 2023

Always showing 100% on Brave browser

Edge Chrome Vivaldi has no problem. Plz fix it

David Talbot

Dec 1, 2022


The notifications for low/high etc. are not always displayed, or the duration is too short, and can be missed. Today I got a notification for 15% at 2%....

Jack Borchelt

Aug 26, 2021

Charging Shutoff

My battery vendor says "do not charge past 95% for best battery life". It would be a great feature of your program if it could communicate with the battery and monitor the charge % to the point that when it reaches that % it would intercept and stop the charging. Or perhaps send a message to my phone that the chargeis approaching the max % I specified. I suspect that is technically possible so can you do it?

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