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Najeeba Saidalavi

Jan 18, 2022

Gmass not visible on my account

Hi, I took a paid plan of GMass and now when I login to my gmail account, I'm not bale to view the Gmass buttons on my account. Please let me know how to add it to my account. Thank you!

Saad khammal

May 15, 2021

reply to reply_to

I would like to know if there is an option where i can reply to the reply_to and not from domain?

Desi Brown

Oct 29, 2020

sent batch?

HI I have used the extension, but I cant see the "sent" emails. I would like to be able to see that I replied to the emails.

Daria Holley

Sep 30, 2020

Replying from a Different Email

When I hit reply, the email is replying from a different email address of mine, not the account I want to send from. I have removed and reattached the extension several times and restarted my computer. Please help.

Melissa Gutierrez

Jan 6, 2020

not working

I have added the ext several times and I still don't have the reply button when I select multiple emails.

Peter Suci

Aug 18, 2019

where is the reply button or menu?

where is the reply button or menu?

Donna French

Dec 16, 2018

Reply to All

I have 3, 800 e-mails in my inbox and I want to be able to reply to all the e-mails in the inbox and any new ones over the Christmas break with the following message " I will be archiving all e-mails so if the below e-mail is still relevant please resubmit after January 7th/ Would your program achieve this?

mr pugster

Sep 4, 2018


Can we please have this work for the REPLY -TO field.

A Chrome Web Store user

May 17, 2018

Have an option to pull email from a different field

Hello, great extension!

Is there a way to have an option to choose which email field the extension pulls from?

Right now, I believe the extension pulls the email from the "FROM" email field.

Can we have the option to have the email pulled from the "REPLY -TO" field?

Sometimes, the FROM email is a generic, do not respond, email address, whereas the "REPLY-TO" field has the person's actual email address.

Thank you!

Douglas Barasa

Mar 7, 2018

The reply button doesnt appear

I downloaded it and installed but then the reply button doesnt appear when you select multiple mails. What is wrong?

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