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drip pro

Dec 4, 2022

i want a game to ban

i hate the game

Lucas van Kent

Mar 4, 2021


this is the most stupedist game ever plus you can't uninstall it

Ashton Campbell

Feb 12, 2021

Can't install it

cant install it its server cannot find the file Im on chrome os 58.0 fix it now

Pau Tuang

Oct 16, 2019

it do not work

it do not work

Maite Ojeda-zuniga

May 7, 2019


i dont like it

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 10, 2019


it wont let me go into the game

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 14, 2018


will not let me add/download game

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 4, 2018

basket & ball

it's is anoeing when you keep dieing and when im on the last level i die like 20 times and i dalet it and it do's not let me get the game back so don't get it and if you do get it do not delet it if you get made

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 1, 2018

its boring

ehhh its ok I only play on it when Im really bored in class.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 28, 2018


its so hard to get out of the game and it ids also boring

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