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Hirsch München (Drone RC)

Mar 16, 2024

non utilisable sur la nouvelle mise a jour de chrome

The application is impossible to use with the new update.

Daniel Taylor

May 1, 2022


cannot install


Apr 7, 2020

Older versions

I have a HEX file that was created in 2015.The latest app does not recognize it. Can I use older version(how)

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 1, 2018

Connection to High Sierra

No matter what i try I cannot get the port to recognise on my iMac. I understand its a compatibility problem with High Sierra

Temp User

Dec 14, 2017


None of the firmware is loading, whats is going on!??

Alexandre Kerpen

Sep 26, 2017


i cannot get any online firmware

Graham Jolley

Sep 20, 2017


i cannot get any online firmware!!!

Ryan Becker

Aug 21, 2017

no good

i cannot save flight modes. so i cannot arm it.

Michael Shortsleeves

Jun 4, 2017

No connection to my FC

The software shows no ports and cannot find my quad's FC.... Any suggestions? I'm trying to ensure that the Baseflight software is the most recent version.

Samira Van Looveren

Feb 5, 2017

cant even start

it cant make a Connexxion to my flight controller. to bad for me

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