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Alex Godbehere

Oct 1, 2021

Only show on certain domains

I've been using the Basaas app for Mac for years and I love it. Although I understand the move to the browser, I can't help but feel that it's not a drop-in replacement... yet, anyway. For example, I frequently use the browser for other things that are not related to the apps I have open in Basaas - assuming that I always want to see the app sidebar is a bit of an oversight and quite frankly annoying. I can minimise it but I still have the small tab in the bottom left. Is there a way to limit it to only show on certain domains? Maybe only on the sites that you have set in the sidebar?

Adnan Ahmed

May 30, 2021

Big bug

HUGE BUG: I've DISCONNECTED my physical keyboard to show you that my keyboard is not the problem. Also, I've disabled ALT + N in Edge using an extension which disables shortcuts. STILL, when I press just N using onscreen keyboard app, the popup appears. It only goes away when I press ALT + N when there's no popup open (nothing happens when I press ALT + N because I've disabled the shortcut using the extension) I "fixed" this using a workaround:

I installed Autohotkey:
With this hotkey running in the background, this problem is solved

$n:: SendInput {Alt up}n return

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