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Shivam singh

May 5, 2024


Apr 24, 2024

recieved this errors!

Outdated client. Please uninstall and reinstall the Bardeen Chrome extension. currentVersion is obsolete

The problem is I just downloaded this application and that what im seeing

Whitney Lewis

Feb 16, 2024

Coupon code

Can We get a coupn code please.

Ranchoddas Chanchad

Feb 13, 2024

Download error: Download interrupted with reason: SERVER_BAD_CONTENT

I was installing Bardeen extension on my Opera browser but I received this error message:
"Download error: Download interrupted with reason: SERVER_BAD_CONTENT"

Beatriz Nicolau

Feb 7, 2024

cincronizar com a agenda google

Gostaria que o bardeen enviasse mensagem para meu whatsapp dos compromissos da agenda google

Darci Day

Nov 7, 2023

Invalid Manifest

I can't seem to download this. I checked my chrome and i have the latest version. I'm able to add other chrome extensions but not this one. It keeps saying "Invalid Manifest." Any idea why?

Null Inactive (No Email Service)

Sep 10, 2023

Sent to my account without my knowledge or approval

I opened Chrome today to find a push request to allow this app to install on my account. I have no idea who/what this is, I have never interacted with this extension or dev in ANY WAY, I definitely never requested this be installed to my account and I am ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGED at this extremely serious breach of my account privacy!! I don't know what the hell is going on here but I intend to get to the bottom of it, this is the dodgiest thing I have ever seen an extension dev do ever! How dare you go around pushing this to random google accounts without any permission or request to do so? I will be taking all appropriate action in response to this illegal conduct, including legal action in the courts if necessary. This is the most unethical and malicious behaviour I have ever seen since the very first release of Chrome ever. As far as I can tell, the extension itself is a buzzword scam, connect 30+ apps, scrape the web, boost my productivity... I don't want to connect any apps, I definitely have no reason for wanting to scrape the web (WFT!!) and as for boost productivity... anyone whose productivity can be boosted by some stupid extension isn't capable of being productive to begin with. The whole marketing technobabble for this reads just like the endless useless nonsense apps I see advertised nonstop on Facebook these days, none of which actually do what they claim and the idea that AI can automatically make everything better is not only stupid but only applies to people with zero organisational skills at most to begin with! You better have a damn fine explanation for why you are pushing this extension to random user accounts, either to me & Google or quite possibly to a judge instead. Either way I consider this a most egregious and alarming breach of my privacy and as a tech journalist you can bet your arse this is now my new top priority investigative story to pursue. Whatever the hell is going on here I will find out and if it is what I suspect it is - there will be VERY serious consequences for whoever is behind this fraudulent conduct!

Reece Smith

Jul 27, 2023

Invalid Manifest

I'm not able to download the extension and get an Invalid Manifest error.

-Newest version of chrome
-Reset both the browser and my computer

Any suggestions?

Margaret Cezar

Jul 6, 2023

Extension not working after download

It is not showing from my extension list, so I cannot access it. What could be the issue? Is it from the browser?

Ewongho Abasi Gabriel Edwep

Jun 24, 2023

google sheet

Hello, please how can i add a personal google sheet to Bardeen and make it read all the columns titles and the save that sheet pattern for future use and then connect it to automation?

Google apps