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Provides extra functionality for Bandcamp

The purpose of this extension is to make Bandcamp easier to navigate for larger collections of music. It has been designed with DJs in mind. 1.7.2 Change: * fix bug causing plugin to fail to load in Firefox * security updates 1.7.1 Change: * remove 'offlineAudioContext' with simpler code calling 'decodeAudioData' by @sabjorn in #150 * Bump ua-parser-js from 0.7.31 to 0.7.33 by @dependabot in #151 * Bump from 4.2.1 to 4.2.3 by @dependabot in #156 * Bump and by @dependabot in #155 * Bump yaml from 2.1.1 to 2.2.2 by @dependabot in #154 * add Stripe links in call to support popup by @sabjorn in #159 1.6.2 Change: * fix Firefox waveform clicking bug * add delay to call to support popup (30 days) 1.6.1 Change: * update to Manifest v3 for Firefox (now version parity) 1.6.0 Change: * update to Manifest v3 1.5.4 Change: * fix blocking default Chrome keyboard shortcuts 1.5.3 Change: * update popup checkout dialog to be centred in user view at all times 1.5.2 Change: * re-add Checkout feature 1.5.1 Changes: * remove Checkout feature because it caused Waveform feature to break * remove storage requirement from Chrome 1.5.0 Changes: * Add popup when users check out to provide information about how to contribute to the plugin 1.4.0 Changes: * add github sponsorship link in browser action page * add Half Past Vibes records link in browser action page 1.3.1 Changes: * generated cURL file now works across wider range of shells * generated cURL file can now be run as a shell script (added shebang) 1.3.0 Changes: * playlist in album views to be right below the player * state of the waveform toggle persists (config backend) 1.2.0 Changes: * Add Waveform display. Users can enable/disable a Wavform on album pages. * Changed layout of player UI 1.1.1 Changes: * Fix keyboard focus bug preventing space bar from working in search bar of player pages. 1.1.0 Changes: * Keyboard control for player * Mouse control for player playbar to jump to time selection * Purchased download assistance * Volume control. 1.0.4 Changes: * Update storage backend for larger capacity (and versatility for future developments). 1.0.3 Changes: * Preview state tracked when loading albums on their own page * Preview state is accessible from multiple machines using the same google account (chrome storage api) * Tool tips pop up on injected UI elements * Single track "albums" preview properly * Featured albums are made visible in main grid view and can thus be previewed * Improperly rendered UI elements removed completely from "collection" pages 0.6.2 Changes: * Application runs correctly again 0.6.1 Changes: * Widens preview window 0.6.0 Changes: * adds tracking (local cache) of albums preview history * adds clickable element to represent (and alter) previewed history 0.5.0 Changes: * removed album artwork from iFrames. * preview window now shows up below preview button. 0.4.1 Changes: * iFrames always in front (no longer occluded by any other element on screen) 0.4.0 Changes: * Collections and Wishlist now have preview button * Clicking on any preview button with close any open preview before starting next preview.

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beeFeb 19, 2024

this is great, wondering if it's possible to add a loop function? I know bandcamp used to have it but not anymore :(

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Steven BjornsonDeveloperFeb 19, 2024

thanks for the review! please submit an issue on github ( or email me (email can be found on github as well) describing exactly what you'd like. For example, when you say loop, do you mean looping the whole album or a single song? How should this be enabled/disable, etc. development has slowed down quite a bit for this project (currently) but an improved version is in the works and it shouldn't be too heavy of a lift to add this feature (but I can't guarantee it will happen soon)

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Stas HladkiDec 18, 2023

Man, this is brilliant.. Can't imagine how much time and nerves this little beast saved me. Literally first time leaving a review for an extension, it's that good. Thank you! Btw, I noticed that development slowed down by a lot (or I am just blind), and there are a lot of features I think people would love to see. You think I can contribute if you don't have a lot of time nowadays? If so, please, let's get in touch, so we don't accidentally work on the same stuff <3 And again, this extensio... Show more

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Steven BjornsonDeveloperDec 19, 2023

Thank you for the review! You are correct about development slowing down. I've been deep into a related project and it's taken up more time than I expected. Best way to get involved is to hop onto github ( and start looking at some of the issues. I'm hoping to move a bunch of the code over to use React or another framework to make it a bit more approachable to outside developers.

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Nathaniel PawelczykDec 10, 2023

Absolutely workflow necessity when digging on bandcamp! Thank you for making this. If I could make two small feature requests: Could you add a hotkey to add the currently playing track to wishlist? Also, and "add all of wishlist to cart" feature would be amazing. Thanks again!

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Steven BjornsonDeveloperDec 11, 2023

Thank you for the review! and as for your feature requests: adding to wishlist is on the horizon ( for `add all of wishlist to cart` -- I think this can be done. I have a "one click buy" feature brewing and it should be easy enough to get this to function on the Wishlist AND to allow for a buy-all for everything on the page -- thanks for the idea! my hope is to spend a bit of time on this over the holidays and so it could be that these features come out soon. However, there is a big reworking of the entire extension I am trying to do so it could be your features come after this (when it will be easier to implement).


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