Reviews: Balance – perfect daily ToDo list for New Tab

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Rachael FreemanMay 14, 2024

I loved the concept and simplicity. However, when I select the arrow for the next day to enter a to do list for that day it just refreshed to today and my current day's list vanished. If I select the calendar and go to today, my list is missing, it only shows on a new tab. If I select a date it just refreshes the screen with todays date and a missing list. Not as productive as I want it to be, as I want to list tomorrows tasks and be able to look back on previous days. I'm gutted. Fix that a... Show more

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Back2LobbyDec 6, 2023

Amazing, I am gonna stick with it for a while now. However, some customization features will be appreciated. I want to be able to remove either Life Task or Work Task and keep only one as daily tasks. Also, I just noticed it uses Bing as default search engine, that should be customizable too. And the last thing is the icon & title for the new tab is pretty messed up now. I would rather prefer the default one from chromium. Overall, you guys did a great job, Thanks for all your efforts <3

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Yan KwanSep 21, 2023

Yo bring back colour picker it was hella good

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Haldrin ChableSep 3, 2023

Amazing, functional, simple and really good

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Arctic SnowMay 24, 2023

It chooses colours accurately and it works perfectly fine. However, the colour chosen is not centred on the crosshair, making picking colours slightly harder. (5 + 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679)/10 stars.

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Maxime Le MorillonApr 19, 2023

really good tool to get the colors easy to use !

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Max GellerMar 17, 2023

ignore the average rating for this extension. those ratings were all for a different extension. this is now a new extension, under a new name and with completely different functionality, but with the same ratings and reviews. that's a form of lying on the part of the developer. i will keep this negative review up until either 1) the extension returns to its previously-advertised functionality, or 2) all previous reviews and ratings are deleted.

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Ryan ZiglerMar 16, 2023

"Balance – your perfect daily ToDo", replaced a previously installed extension "Color Eye Dropper" in an attempt to hijacked the current install base "Color Eye Dropper".

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Vince DePersioMar 4, 2023

Overall, I like this alot. BUT, what is annoying is that after I copied the color and exit out of the extension, the + cursor remains on screen and I can't get rid of it unless I close and reopen the browser. HELP!

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Knowd DigitalMar 2, 2023

Excellent solution. Works well

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