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Badíʿ Calendar - Helper for Google Calendar

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Cynthia McDaniel

Sep 16, 2020

Google calendar on cell phones

I am getting the Baha'i dates on my laptop calendar fine. But they are not showing up on my cell phone Google calendar. Am I doing something wrong?

Cynthia McDaniel

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 20, 2019

Calendar on Google Drive for Cluster's access

Hi, I am trying to get a Baha'i calendar to share events of the community via Google drive. Is it possible and how do I do it? It will need to have 12 months access (as in i.e. Google calendar where an individual can use an arrow go to the next month or the previous). Thank you very much

Mary Ann De Ricco Rothstein

Feb 27, 2018

badi calendar

I can see that it is "added" but not in my library or on my google calendar

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