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Luz Mercedes Casas Flores

Jul 3, 2022



Ted Ingle

Nov 19, 2021

add more bacon skins

add more different bacon characters you can unlock

Aiden Ullian

Jan 27, 2020

More modes?

I found that I have gotten bored of the plain old jumping on pans and dodging veggies. I think that it would be neat to make the game kind of like the dino run game that happens when internet disconnects, where you get into different sections of the games when you reach different scores. For example, when you get to 10,000 on this game, you go into a mode that you jump on other breakfast items, and then you could do another one when you go to 25,000, and so on. I don't know, I just think this game has great potential, and as a fellow coder (I have done some coding classes, and think I might make games like this) I think that you could add some cool features to your already good themed bacon jumper.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 25, 2019

dies every time if jumps

look at title

A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 4, 2018


i cant figure out how to delete the app off of a chrom book

A Chrome Web Store user

May 9, 2018


i want more my dude

Ethan Riem

Mar 17, 2018

different characters

i want to be able to play as a cup of oj, waffles and syrup and also: is the background a stolen jpeg? promise i wont tell mister 7w7

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 30, 2018

it cool

it a cool game lo $$$ money

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 7, 2017


Wow this game sucks. I love it!

River France

Oct 26, 2017


never mind, use the arrow keys

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