Backstory: Remember Your Facebook Friends!
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Backstory: Remember Your Facebook Friends!

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Finally, a contact manager for Facebook.

NEW: Now supports New Facebook in both Light and Dark Mode! ★ Add private labels and notes in Facebook profiles. ★ Copy notes in from public info. ★ Search through your notes, e.g. to find all friends tagged with a certain place. ★ Sync and back up across multiple devices. ★ Free, lightweight personal CRM for Facebook. Featured on Product Hunt! Q: Will my friends know what I write about them? A: No! Only you can see the labels and notes you've written. Q: Where are my notes stored? A: For your privacy and security, your data is stored offline on your own computer by default. If you choose to create an online backup, your data is backed up to our servers so you can sync it across multiple devices. Q: What does syncing do? Syncing keeps your notes up-to-date between multiple devices. Changes on one device will be sent to all other devices signed in to the same backup. You can also transfer your notes to a new device by signing in to your backup on it. Q: Do you collect data on my friends or my Facebook activity? A: We do not store any information besides your notes, labels, and friends' names. Q: It says that you can "read and change my data on". What gives? A: We need to detect whose Facebook profile you are viewing and load their corresponding labels and notes. Hence, this is a Chrome permission allowing us to do that. Privacy Policy:

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