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michael thompson

May 27, 2022

Tags in the newsfeed

Is there a possibilty of having the nicknames next to their name on the newsfeed would be amazing

Jeff Lee

Jan 17, 2022

Backstory when hovering over a name?

Would it be possible to have Backstory show its notes (or even just the first one) on the popup Facebook displays when hovering over a person's name?

Alberts _____ (HUG lv)

Sep 15, 2021

Backstory feature does not always appears

Why Backstory feature appears on some profiles but on some other does not (even friends)?

Alberts _____ (HUG lv)

Sep 15, 2021

How to remove labels?

I have created wrong label which is allways appearing and is not needed - how to remove it? It seems there is no way to remove.

Jeannie Marsden

Aug 20, 2020

FB is forcing the new layout

I don't want to lose all my notes. Please update!

Johnny Semedo

Aug 20, 2020

Please Update it to the new facebook desktop interface

If you don't already know, facebook it's changing the look. we will have a different interface, right now it's optional but from September onwards will be mandatory and permanent. Could you please update this amazing extension, Thanks

Ann Brady

Jul 23, 2020

Not showing up on fb

Backstory isn't showing up on facebook anymore. I miss it. Any thoughts? I'm happy to pay for a premium version. Real estate brokers are a great target market for this. In a perfect world, I could edit/merge tags to and the tag process would be more clean/streamlined.

Fingers crossed you can help me get it back on my page. : (

Steve Mitchell

May 7, 2020

How To Use

Sorry to not quite get this but I 'think' your FB chrome extension could be what I need, but I'm not quite understanding how to use it? Do you have any simple instructions? Thanks

Boris Popovich

Dec 20, 2019

Where on Mac computer is the data stored?

My hard disc died and I was able do recover the data and copy to admin library folder, but your data doesn't show up in Chrome, so all my notes are gone. I didn't create an account with you.

Boris Popovich

Dec 13, 2019

where is the data?

I had to reinstall osx and it seems that I could successfully recover all chrome data but backstory data isn't there. Where is it stored? I have the old mac account user folder.

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