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Hiko Krstevski

Mar 10, 2024

Create a post on Facebook for Real Estate Agent

Hello Axiom Team,
Hristijan is here & i would like to ask is it possible this AI Bot to create a post for me on my Facebook profile & Page, with text and photos about my offer of available apartments.
Thank you so much

sonams. hex64

Mar 9, 2024


Give me a session to use properly
Sona M S

Bryan DeParsia

Nov 15, 2023

How do I

I have a looping axiom in my account called "Bently Cloner", it runs well but I'll need to periodicity re-login to this website to keep it running. Is it possible to build an 'if error' step into my program so it will complete the log in screen if there is a problem.

Access Ability

Oct 17, 2023



How can I get an invoice for the monthly payment please?

Thank you,

RG “Joe”

Oct 9, 2023


How safe is it to use this addon to automatically enter saved passwords onto sites?

Music Lab Folsom

Aug 5, 2023

Real time macro in working browser window

Hi. I am trying this out, but all i want to do is run some real-time macros in the browser window I am already working in. Eg, I just want the bot to click a drop-down, make a selection, click enter, etc. I can get it to do this, but it only runs on the desktop app. I want it to run in the browser window I'm working in. How do I do that?

Nicholas La Macchia

Jun 28, 2023


Buongiorno, è possibile avere le ore illimitate pagando?


Mar 1, 2023

Is there a way to make the bot sign in

the bot is signed out of websites I'm using by default and automating it to sign in was surprisingly hard. Is there a way for it to automatically sign in using my accounts?

Red Tail (redtailden)

Feb 13, 2023

Not loading

I installed but is not loading. The side page is blank

Freelancer Notification

Jan 24, 2023

schedule with zapier

I am finding it hard to try the pro version for free.
how do i pay
how do i experience the free trial

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