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Eric Seastrand

Jan 30, 2019

Will this let me quickly switch between different AWS accounts (without linking them to an org)?

At my company, we have completely separate AWS accounts for production and development. I thought this extension would let me quickly switch between them (without needing to log out and back in). But it seems that it only wants to work within AWS' own organizations/roles/etc...

I think I'm just confused about what problem this extension is solving, or how I'd use it in my daily workflow. What's the intended use-case for this extension?

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 1, 2017

List of well known roles

It would be nice to be able to select some well known roles from a list in addition to being able to type some custom ones in.

At the very least it would be nice, from a usability point of view, to give an example of a role name to make it plainly obvious exactly what is required in the IAM Role Name field.

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 1, 2017

Bad Account Selection

If I try to switch to an account name that does not exist the assume role fails as expected. However in the switcher the list of account becomes empty and no more new accounts can be added. The only resolution is to reset configuration.

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