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Randall Baker

Mar 11, 2021

Restore Sessions?

I just got a new company laptop, and I am attempting to move tabbed windows from the old laptop. I was able to save the tabs in a list using this extension. However, I am not seeing how to send that file to the new laptop to be restored? Am I missing something?

ntfs hard

Dec 1, 2019

too slow when to much tabs

Search/filter or even list of tabs loading for ages(actually minutes).

bloodys spammers

Feb 26, 2018

No way to Load, Only Save or Delete


bloodys spammers

Feb 25, 2018

Session Name Prefixes

E.g. Prefix the session name with options:
- Date: YYYY.MM.DD
- # of Tabs: 125
- Custom text: Auto

20180226 142 Auto ____
____ = normal custom text entered for session name. :D

bloodys spammers

Feb 25, 2018

Search for Tab in Saved Sessions

Search across all sessions to find URL or Title based on keyword. :D
Results = Sesssion - Window - Tab. Then you can restore results or other tabs close to search results.
e.g. I remember I was doing online banking, but cannot remember the web site I had found. :D

Jānis Ķengurs

Feb 19, 2018

Cant also open options

Cant also open options

Jānis Ķengurs

Feb 19, 2018

Cant even open! Just loading showing one time then lost. Comes again if restart chrome.

Not working..
Cant even open! Just loading showing one time then lost. Comes again if restart chrome.

Комплексное проектирование

Oct 15, 2017

Search for sessions

Could you add a search for the sessions.

If there are many sessions, it is difficult to look for.
It would be nice to just type the desired session in the search bar.

Linda Campanella

Nov 3, 2015

Full-sized window

How do I get this to open in a full-sized window? Thanks.

David LM

Sep 10, 2012

Does not work anymore

I have un-installed and installed Awesome Window & Tab Manager (Beta 2)
but still does not work.
It used to work. I disabled all other extensions and still does not work. It is sad because it is a great app when works.
Any news on an updated version that works?

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