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Asha Kanta SharmaJun 29, 2024

Its been installed for a month now still ZERO trackers blocked. I do not know if this extenstion even works.

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faithJun 18, 2024

This was Amazing! I would recommend this because it does not slow down my computer, secure, it shows how much trackers that it blocked, and if you stumble upon an infected website it will tell you and give you the choose to go on it or not. Speaking of that fact its free and blocks scams as well. Nothing at all was unusable and over all great! I feel very re assured and safe with Avira.

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Armin KubisJun 18, 2024

It makes google services like google calendar almost unusable...

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Christopher ReynoldsJun 15, 2024

I was wondering why Chrome lately has just started to break. Google's pronunciation guide wouldn't work when clicked, sometimes google images wouldn't let me select an image, and then CAPTCHA stopped appearing... which is required by lots of websites. Then I tested my extensions. IT WAS AVIRA! I hear Google is wanting to go anti-Adblock, so I have no idea if it really is Avira's fault... another review said same thing's happening to Adblock. I have uBlock Origin, and that's not having issues.... Show more

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Raymond ChangJun 13, 2024

After this ext enabled, some of the google services unable to function, such as login google account.

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Michael PintaudiJun 12, 2024

Glad to know it's not just me. Been using it for years. Was working up to a few weeks ago. Hopefully it will be resolved. FYI , same thing is happening with others such as adblock and adblockplus. They all suddenly stopped working. Ads are popping up all over the place. Sounds like a Chrome issue if it's happening to different ad blockers as well. Over to you Google

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MattJun 11, 2024

The Ad Blocker is not working anymore. If enabled, this extension screws up many things to do with Google including the essential Google Translate. Indeed and as stated, it appears to be interfering with every Google service, making it unreliable. Fix it or I'll switch to another product. Avira, your standards have gone way down and are now so unprofessional and unreliable that I do not know how you expect us to trust you to protect our devices!!!!!

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Michael RobinsonJun 9, 2024

As noted by others, the latest version of Avira ( makes Google products unusable. Details: In Gmail, I can't click on my profile image or the menu next to it to select "contacts", "maps", "YouTube" etc. In Google search, when I click "images" it will only show the first 30. The rest are greyed out. If I click on ANY image, the result is a greyed out image and the menu at the top (left, right, more, close) is unclickable. In Google maps, there is no menu, no where to sign-in, zoo... Show more

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Gerardo KatoJun 7, 2024

It is interfering with my google apps and now most digital assets won't load when the extension is on. Images in google searches, icons in gmail and docs, forms and the sign-in page won't load properly or at all when the extension is on.

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Mr BurtonJun 7, 2024

As everyone is saying now, the Ad Blocker is not working anymore, and if enabled, this extension appears to be interferring with every google service, making it unreliable

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