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Todor Genchev (DoubleSho)

Dec 8, 2023

coupon code submission

Hi dear Avast team, i wanted to ask if there is possibilities to submit coupon codes into your extension, as i have some that i believe will be useful for your customers. Thank you in advance.

עקיבא כהן

Jun 25, 2023


אתם גובים ממני כסף רב
בלי בקשה מצדי ובלי אישור ממני
אני דורש במפגיע למחוק את מספר האשראי שנמצא אצלכם בגלל רכיש של לפני כשלש שנים

Eri 11

Jun 10, 2023


no quiero q esta pagina se abra cada vez q ingrese a google. en realidad me tiene cansada

marilisa Vendrasco

Jun 8, 2023

Modo Banco

Como ativar o meu modo banco? Não estou conseguindo encontrar o caminho...

Kristoffer Krøyer

Jun 8, 2023

pop up

extremely annoying

Lawrence Hagen

Jun 5, 2023

safe price extension

turn off this extension from popping up ever time i open a browser. im about to stop using your products because of this

Francis Nunes

Jun 5, 2023


This extension's page spams everytime I open Google Chrome, it's annoying

Voltaire Bacsa

Jun 4, 2023


Quit it with the avast popping!!! Seriously annoying


Jun 4, 2023

pop up

the download page keeps popping up when i open chrome and it is seriously very annoying

Ilia Umnov

Jun 2, 2023


Every time I open ANY browser I get a tab opened with this extension. Are you kidding me?
I don't want it, i don't need it. Stop Spamming.

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