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John Imbault

Feb 6, 2024

Payment Methods

Can you tell me if there is more than PayPal to make a payment?
Your Chrome Extension shows I am subscribed but your change settings shows OANDA as inactive now.
I'd like to fix whatever is wrong but I see no solution anywhere or help what to do.

Jarred W.

Oct 20, 2023

Ninja Trader

I was wondering if you will support ninja trader?


Aug 28, 2023


We tried to connect binance api to autoview but we need a IP adresse to do something. hAve you got a solution ? thank you

Jaime Roy García

Jun 27, 2023


hello, how can i do to trade automatically in tradingview trough autoview (or vicevers)? i have both, but i dont know how to start... thank you very much

Piotr Pękala

Jan 25, 2023

OKX not working

Im trying to use autoview with OKX but it is not working:

2022-10-24 21:02:01.15 - - Błąd parametru posSide
2022-10-24 21:02:00.175 - Command 1: e=okxdemo b=short q=1 s=BTC-USDT-SWAP t=market

Could you please review the OKX API and fix it or tell me what im doing wrong ?

fxxyouall stateofsurvival

Jan 25, 2023

will you support Octafx Trading view

HI i would like to know if you may add octafx broker in trading view to automated trade with bitcoin and eth ?


Jan 25, 2023

Transfer to new Google Chrome account

I need to move Autoview to another Google Chrome account and update payment method.
Just wondering is this possible? As I don't want to start from scratch as I have so many sub accounts setup and live, it would be a headache.

Thomas Anthone

May 18, 2022

Export Button Gone

After TradingView changed their UI, the export button is no longer working. Is there a chance that this extension will be updated so that it can be used again?

Daniel Bramall

May 15, 2022

Export Button Vanished

The Export button has vanished, will there be further updates as this was an "extremely" handy tool.


Donald Aung

May 13, 2022

"Export" Button No Longer Available

Hi, the "Export" button seems to have disappeared from TradingView. Do you have any idea what might have went wrong?

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