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Swami Isa

Jun 3, 2024

add blocking

The add blocker is no longer working. Is there a fix?

Daniel washington da silva

Jun 1, 2024

stoped working

youtube started to detect the extention on 30/05/2024.


Mar 4, 2024

Missing Like Button

When I install the extension, the "thumbs up" of the like button on youtube videos is hidden. I can still see the number of likes, but I can't tell if I've already liked a vid. Please fix. I'm on the chrome web browser.

Agent 007

Feb 7, 2024

stopped skipping

hi the plugin recently stopped stopped skipping the videos I'm guessing YouTube changed something recently that caused it to stop working. cant wait till its fixed because you have the best add skipper thanks so much!

Corbin Rakauckas

Feb 2, 2024

Like button icon is invisible

The extension works great, but there's only one small problem. The icon for the like button is invisible. You can still click on it to like a video, you just can't see whether or not you did because the icon is literally gone. I saw someone have this problem on Microsoft Edge, I'm having this problem on Google Chrome.

Kitchen CreativeStudio

Jan 9, 2024

09.01.24 don't works

youtube ignore that plugin

Bruno Torres

Dec 4, 2023

Obrigado! funciona bem, não e 100%, mas esse 98% ja esta bom.

Gostaria que aprimoracem pois a cada 10 videos tem um ad.

Gábor Nagy

Nov 20, 2023


Could you please not just auto skip, but also auto mute the ads? Even if ads are skipped nearly instantly, they still play for a brief moment and it would be nice if no sound from the ads would interrupt the original audio.

Олег Григорьев astra5555

Aug 13, 2023


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May 21, 2023

Youtube Like Button Not Showing On Edge

It doesn't show the YouTube like button when this extension is enabled in Microsoft Edge browser. I don't know about other browsers though.

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