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Joshua Iyalagha

May 16, 2024

Great Extension, Need Support for Horizontal Direction when zoomed in

This is a good extension overall.
The only flaw I can detect is that when zoomed in, it works well in vertical direction but not in horizontal direction. If this can be fixed, it would be perfect.


May 16, 2024

Very minor problem with seeing scrolling icon on Reddit.

When I activate scrolling on Reddit, the icon does not appear which leads me to believe it has not worked then the page scrolls like mad when I move the mouse, since I have the sensitivity at max, which confirms that it did indeed work but something is wrong with the icon visibility somewhere.

Like I said, not a big issue but if I don't tell you, you wouldn't know.

Keep up the great work, I've used this for years now!

Judge Henshaw

Oct 25, 2023

Apple Magic Mouse

How would I activate functionality on my magic mouse. I am trying command, control, click to an area that would/should associate with left click..?

Nik M

Nov 7, 2022

Do more transparance

Now it look so bold. Can you do it more transparance.

Boris Novikov

Jan 30, 2022

Mouse wheel click scrolling doesn't work properly.

Hello. Have been enjoying your extension so far but encountered a problem.
On sites that use css property "scroll-behavior: smooth" mouse wheel click scrolling doesn't work properly: it starts scrolling very very slow, and when you release the button it scrolls very quick.
See this video:

To reproduce the issue:
1) Open any website
2) Open dev tools (ctrl+shift+i on most OS)
3) Select root element (HTML tag) in DOM tree
4) add "scroll-behavior: smooth;" to ""
5) Click mouse wheel button somewhere on a page and move mouse up or down
Expected behavior: page scrolls with speed defined in extension config
Actual behavior: page scrolls very slow

Cort Curtis

Oct 25, 2021

Your instructions on how to use this extension

Your instructions on how to use this extension are gibberish under "basic" and "speed". How about giving instructions so the user can adjust the speed of the scrolling in simple terms? None of the checkmarks or input make any difference to the speed. This Chrome extension is useless. You should get your programmers to get into the shoes of the user.

epic gamer

Jun 29, 2021

How do i use it on trackpad?

I don't have a mouse that's the only reason i downloaded this. Please make controls for trackpad users such as myself.

Palak Mody

May 26, 2021

How to use on Mac without using mouse?

I don't see an instruction on this. Is mouse required to do the left click? How to achieve this using track pad?

Sharique Khan

Apr 30, 2021

how to slow down the speed

i want the scrolling speed to be more slow

capitalbet nakuwadde

Apr 7, 2021


what if i want the auto scroll to reach the bottom of the page and automatically starts scrolling up wards to the top and vice versa ??
waiting for reply.

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