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Nate Joe

Nov 9, 2021

Autoremote messages are not being sent via Chrome unless I close and open the browser first

one message will be sent successfully, but then no other messages are accepted until Chrome is closed and opened again. Once chrome is restarted, all the messages that didnt come in come flooding in all at once. reinstalling chrome didnt fix it, but i dont want to uninstall the extension because i dont want to risk resetting what my access key is

Joy Amormio

Jan 16, 2020

Can't add new device

Hi Joao,

I can't add new devices if the url is start with
can you please fix this


May 14, 2017

Over Quota

Autoremote extension for Chrome no longer works. The URL no longer works.

Filippo Pernice

Aug 29, 2015



Nicky Doyle

Jul 14, 2015

connection issues

I can sent messages to my android 5.0.1
phone but i cant receive them on Chrome i can send the connection from chrome to the phone and it wont work if i try that. the only way i got it to work was to send to last received :( please help

no nick

May 4, 2015

with a url this works fine but....

sometimes in google they dont bother to show the full url, just hte search phrase. this gets sent over to my PC but nothing gets done as it's not an url.

is there a way to get the PC side to search for anything that's not explicitly an URL?

would help for other things too actually.

Gerritjan van Amerongen

Apr 6, 2015

get following error:

Error getting personal key. Refresh this page to try again. Please contact the developer is the problem persists.

As asked, Help ;-)
don't get a code to send to.



Mar 18, 2015

Not able to add device

Installed extension on Chrome beta and I am unable to add any device. The error pop up : "error checking url*****. The url is correct as I have a number of devices and none can be added.

Angelica W

Feb 18, 2015

Error getting personal key

I purchased the android app and have it setup on my phone but when trying to setup on my win7 chrome desktop I'm getting the following error message, "Error getting personal key. Refresh this page to try again." I've tried refreshing the page I've also tried uninstalling and re installing without success.
Please let me know how to resolve this issue.
Thank you

filip radu

Nov 20, 2014

why is not working with osx yosemite?

why the plugin is not working with osx yosemite? it does not show the personal url

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