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Fangs McWolf (Wolfie)

Mar 23, 2024

Conflicts with Cloudflare's Captcha (Turnstile).

Narrowed down the problem to this extension. Tried adding the cloudflare URL's to the exception lists but still breaks it. Disabling the extension fixes the issue, but only while it's disabled.

Erik Weber

Feb 24, 2024

Has stopped working on YouTube.

For the past week or so, this extension has not been blocking autoplay for YouTube videos. Videos now start playing automatically as soon as the browser tab is opened.

Marq FJA

Jan 6, 2024

No longer works with queues

Since this afternoon, this extension has become inconsistent in whether or not it works when I play a queue of videos; several times have I had it automatically add and play a new video when it reaches the final video in the queue, while other times it does not. In fact, often when I add the second video to the queue, it autoplays out of nowhere.

Playlists do not exhibit this behavior, however.

Dante Lectro

Dec 16, 2023

Documentation request

Please provide descriptions of features. Fore example, what do "block (strict)" and "block (shadow)" do and how do they differ from just "block"?

Rachyl Stella

Nov 23, 2023

Doesn't work on

I use the web interface for SMS and would really love if the extension would stop all the animated gifs that are so popular in texting.


Oct 21, 2023

Youtube problems I've found with this extension

This list of problem is only for Youtube, since I only used to use it on Youtube.

The next short video won't play after using "Don't recommend this channel" button. And you can't make exception for shorts content (since it only care about "" and not what's following it: "").

Prevent +18 video (on youtube) to play.

Except that, great extension, but for now, i'm not using it, until these are fixed. Thank you.

Xaos Flux

Oct 15, 2023

Getting youtube nag screen now

When loading youtube in a new tab, getting a "don't use ad blockers" nag screen now - only when this extension is enabled

axel coon

Sep 17, 2023

CloudFlare Human Verification conflict

while extension is enebled - just enabled, even without any alow/block settings - it breaks Cloudflate Human Verification thingy. when you click the checkbox to verify, it reloads the page and shows checkbox again. ad infinitum. doesn't help, if you disable the extension from the extension menu. but if you disable the extension from the Manage Extensions, the problem is gone. hope to see a fix oneday. cheers!

Fred 4

Sep 16, 2023

Doesn't work any more

Black screen on Poshmark videos.
It needs the ability to exclude websites.
It has settings to enable on specific websites, but this would be insane to manage. It needs the opposite of that.
If I can exclude websites that it breaks, then it would be usable again.
Right now, it's unusable.

Yuki Kart

Sep 8, 2023

youtube clips pages are broken

cant play it unless youtube is whitelisted

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