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chris donald

Dec 29, 2020

No longer auto enables flash

Flash is now no longer enabled by the extension and is still blocked by default, please fix this.

Mike Ferraro

Nov 28, 2020

automated flash not working and not able to enable it

cannot enable flash drive


Mar 30, 2020

Not working...

I'm using Automated Flash Site Enabler (Lite) in Chrome. I have only 1 URL configured:* It's just not working. As an example, I open Chrome and goto a page like: Then when I check the flash status, chrome says it's "Blocked" by default.

Yosy natuf

Nov 17, 2019

Try turning off your camera may have a malfunction

Try turning off your camera may have a malfunction

Espen Svebak

Jun 18, 2019

Need to be able to enable flash in the print dialogue

The plugin only accept http urls
needed url: chrome://print

MFC Alerts

May 14, 2019

Not working in Chrome 76

no longer works in current Chrome Canary (76)

Craig Johnson

Apr 16, 2019

Cannot open site

cannot get even if I change the format as described. Can you help? It is for my sons homework.

Jeff Frixel

Mar 27, 2019


You probably hate looking at specific websites but I can't get the extension to work for*

Justin Dunafon

Mar 14, 2019

Invalid URL, use format*

I keep getting the error shown in the title above. I like the idea for the app, and I use this site every day at work. Am I doing something wrong? I enter it exactly like this, with or without the *.*

David Edmeades

Mar 12, 2019

VMWare console not working

I just had to update my version of Chrome to 72, and discovered that my previous workaround is gone. I've added both the IP and the URL to your plugin's config and neither method seems to work. Chrome is still blocking the plugin on every page load even though the site is set to allow flash, etc.

Nothing seems to happen when I choose to "run flash this time" or right-click on the object and run the plugin.

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