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John Helsing

May 20, 2020

Bugs ?

extension is hiding some giveways and infinite scrolling isn't working fine, when i roll deep down the page, just don't load anything.


Apr 6, 2020

"Hide DLC" no longer working on latest Firefox. I try ticking it but it doesn't stick :(

"Hide DLC" no longer working on latest Firefox. I try ticking it but it doesn't stick :(

Lain inVerse

Feb 12, 2020

Apply Night Theme before DOMContentLoaded

Hi, as I understand script kicks in around DOMContentLoaded if not later and applies all changes only then. However, due to that Chrome manages to draw page with standard theme for a moment, so on each page refresh/reload/navigation page blinks with default white style. It will be much better if extension apply style before page would have time to load and render the content. As for example, Stylus extension (made to install custom CSS styles, does so.

Lelion Oliver (lelion00)

Jan 26, 2020

help with a problem

when the check boxes are enabled:
"Show AutoJoin button" or
"Enable AutoJoin in background on (no matter what the box is)"
  the following alert appears:
"This setting is against the rules and will lead to your suspension"
I would like to know how to solve

Reinier Perez Quinones (Wise Silver Wolf)

Jan 2, 2020

Not auto joining the 0p games

The app doesnt automatically join the games that costs 0p to enter.

Reinier Perez Quinones (Wise Silver Wolf)

Jan 1, 2020

Can you add this feature?

Can you add the feature to prioritize the entered giveaways by ending soonest + highest chance to win? that way the app joins the giveaways that end the soonest with the highest chance to win first? thank you.

Alex Cris

Sep 7, 2018

Buttons and Dark theme problem

It doesn't show me the "join" and "leave" buttons and i can see the dark theme only when i open a giveaway,not on the main page

Валентина Малиневская

Apr 6, 2018

Random delay between requests.

Can you add minimum and maximum fields for delay.
Something like this:
var min = $("#min").val(),
max = $("#max").val(),
delay = Math.random() * (max - min) + min;


Mar 26, 2018

giveaway winning sound

When I win the giveaway the sound plays even when I disabled the sound it the settings. Can you please fix it? The sound is extremely loud and annoying and comes out of nowhere.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 27, 2018

pls fix AutoJoin

expansion has ceased to funtsionirovat.subordinate

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