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Dominic Renner

Dec 29, 2023

Filter Usernames

On Japanese Tinder nearly every user with a single roman character as the username is a bot. It would be nice to filter them.

junior t

Oct 21, 2023

MATCH dating

i noticed i cant use my auto swiper for match dating site, can you add match to the list of dating site. replace with lavoo cuz not sure anyone uses that site lol
i'd be happy to hear more from you or if my suggestion can be implemented soon on the next coming update

JOY Entertainment

Aug 5, 2023

I cannot run the app on multiple sites at the same time

Ex: Run in parallel between Tinder and Bamboo. Now I have to refresh the page.

Rishav Saha

Jun 18, 2023

Swiping on Bumble has stopped working since the last week

The extension was working fine but since last week it completely stopped swiping. Tried deleting and reinstalling multiple times, did not work.

For Bumble, the counter is still adding on, but it's not swiping anymore. It's very strange. Kindly fix the bug asap.

Vince Wilson

May 28, 2023

doesn't work

not working, luckily i found one that works

Samuels Kim

Apr 8, 2023

Bugs when swipping and 100 hardcoded limit

Hi there is a 'super swipe' bug that always stops the swiping. Plus there is a hard coded limit of 100 swipes. Please help otherwise i would like to unsubscribe coz am not getting real value from this . Thanks


Apr 5, 2023

Unsubscribe Premium Membership - it's my mail adress. I would like to unsbscribe. Can you do it for me?

Gregory F

Mar 9, 2023

Thinking of subscribing

Are you still actively supporting this? I wanted to ask before I sign up.

Adel Touati

Jan 30, 2023

it's not working

i just paid a month subscription but it's not working

Karl Karlsson

Jan 25, 2023

Abo erneuern

Wie kann man ein gekündigtes Abo erneuern? Wenn ich auf Premium und abonnieren gehe, steht nur, dass es gekündigt ist. Aber kein Button zum erneuern oder so.

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