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Him Z

Jul 25, 2023

I want to remove overlay

Can u removed overlay


Mar 29, 2022

Does this work to remove surveys?

I've heard that this tool can be used to remove survey verifications, is this true? If so, I think I may not be using it correctly because I can't get it to work

Avi Wasserman

Aug 20, 2019

Breaks modals

On some sites in which modals are the primary way to interact with the web page (e.g. Steam Guard, Google Chrome download), the modal will simply close after clicking the button that opens it.
I know the modal is closed by this extension because I disabled it to test if that's what causing the modal to close it.

Jamie Sewell

Jan 29, 2017

Adding to chrome

This extension will not add or install. I get an error that says Could not move extension into directory.
I cn add other exctensions though.

vincenzo garofalo

Oct 24, 2016

Operazione non riuscita errore

Salve mi da dopo il download operazione non riuscita errore.

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