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Auto-Group Tabs

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91 ratings

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Anthony BrooksJul 9, 2024

Works well. I really like the use of rules to signify what should go in which groups. Two things that I would like to see, though (the first with a higher priority imo than the second): 1. Auto-grouping a set number of tabs (could either be 2 or more or a user-set number). So, if I have two tabs of the same site, it will create a domain-specific group (provided a previously created custom group that matches the domain doesn't already exist). At the moment, I have most of the preset groups th... Show more

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Chetan MeenaJun 13, 2024

Works as expected. I wish there was a way to externalize the config file. Currently If I want to manually edit the config file, I need to export it and import it every time I make a change.

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Abbie DavisJun 8, 2024

I really love what this extension does! My only issue is that if a tab group is saved and hidden, the extension doesn't realize that and just creates a new group for any appropriate tabs, rather than recognizing that there is already a hidden saved group with the same name and adding the tab to that. Then things get really weird and messy. I wouldn't even mind if it un-hid the saved group to add the tab. Being that chrome will sync saved groups, this functionality would make this extension ... Show more

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Rauson AliJun 8, 2024

I have been looking for this for a long time. thanks for making this and sharing the source code also.

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Colton McCormackMay 7, 2024

I installed this forever ago and it still "just works" and has enhanced productivity for my 80 tabs open at a time personality greatly! Highly recommended.

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Oliver RobsonMay 7, 2024

Really great extension - I'd love to suggest the option of creating tab groups by date (ie; auto-creation of 'today's' group each day - if that's possible?)

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NectisApr 21, 2024

It's almost perfect because it solves the issue of new tabs not being allocated to an existing group, however I want all my new tabs to be put into a "Tabs" group which i'll manually sort later, if that functionality is added ill change my rating to 5 stars. So instead of allocating a group for specific URLs, just every time the new tab button is clicked it goes to designated group. Edit: actually it'd be perfect if every website, not just new tabs could be assigned to one group, to account ... Show more

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Florian ReuschelDeveloperApr 22, 2024

Hey Nectis, glad the extension is helping you so far. What you describe can actually be achieved relatively simply: Make a group and call it, for example, "Other Tabs", and give it one rule that only consists of a "*" (without the quotes). The asterisk will match any URL, so every tab will go to that group. Just make sure to put that tab group at the end of the tab group list, so it will be applied only when all other groups failed to match.

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Rose BaileyApr 15, 2024

This is an amazing extension, both easier to use and more customizable than the other automatic tab grouping extensions I've used. My job involves a lot of web apps and ticketing systems, so autogrouping has become a must-have. As a suggestion, it would be great to be able to use emojis in group titles. It's a feature I use quite a bit when grouping tabs by hand. (EDIT: It actually does this! I was copy-pasting wrong. Thanks for the clarification, Florian. Review raised from 4⭐ to 5⭐!) Tha... Show more

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Florian ReuschelDeveloperApr 16, 2024

Hey Rose, glad you're liking the extension. Regarding Emojis in your tab group titles: This is already possible. Just open your computer's emoji picker (Windows key + . (period) on Windows / ⌃⌘ + Space on macOS) when you're in the title field, and select one. You could also copy an emoji from somewhere and paste it into the title field.

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Chen SasiApr 2, 2024

I LOVE it, especially how easy it is to operates + the Merge and Strict options. One feature that I believe would elevate it even further is keyboard shortcuts, enabling the toggling of features on and off. This would be incredibly useful when placing two windows side by side from the same domain (or even the same page) without needing to manually disable the merge feature. - what do you think? Is this feasible? Edit: Changing the rank from five to two, as the auto-grouping and e... Show more

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Florian ReuschelDeveloperApr 6, 2024

That's unfortunate. However, if you'd like to get the problems you're having with the extension fixed, a proper description of what precisely doesn't work would be much more helpful. :)

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Pavel NovikovMar 14, 2024

Very usefull

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