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Jared Tannenbaum

May 21, 2024

Toggle on/off

This application is simplifying a very arduous daily process for me but troubleshooting it is unfortunately causing problems on the site on which I primarily work. Are there steps by which I can toggle the extension on or off? A few steps of my daily workflow require minimally different inputs that I am unable to change after they are clicked using this extension. Is there a way to specify which configuration I want operating at any given time? Please help so that I may optimize my workflow using this tool.

Ghazala Ikram

Dec 9, 2023


Cliff Simmons

Nov 25, 2023

Could I ask you a quick question over the phone?

Hi there - I have a very quick question about this tool and how to get it working. Would there be any chance you can join me over a very quick call this week for me to ask you a question? I would so greatly appreciate it. My email is I can meet anytime this week. Thank you

Nagendra Prasad . Tirumalasetti

Jun 30, 2023

After enabling Auto clicker its working but not stopped after done. it run same thing in loop please help to solve it.

After enabling Auto clicker its working but not stopped after done. it run same thing in loop same things starting from 1 step to last one again and again. please help to solve it.

Peter TestVanWylen

May 18, 2023

video is stale!

hello, your video is stale and doesn't match the actual app, am I correct?

med saad

Apr 9, 2023

It works but ..

it works but it clicks only once, and it says "Done"! How to repeat after X seconds ? I tried "retry" but it doesn't repeat.

Gerard Yad

Mar 6, 2023


It works perfectly \please can you let me know if I can reload the tab and change my ip address each time also thank you


Mar 3, 2023

It's not working at all.

I open the extension and it shows a black page. I can't use it.

Dm Beg

Mar 1, 2023


The option to take id has disappeared. find it manually. you put a click and nothing happens. worked great until today

Master Solution

Feb 20, 2023



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